Getting Real With Management

Creating wealth through real estate is so much more than owning property. It’s about creating value and minimizing headaches. Being a landlord or property manager can be hard work.

As a member of our Unlock Success community, we provide actionable strategies through course work and tactical worksheets for seasoned and aspiring landlords and real estate investors. We’ve removed the guesswork for you.


Perhaps you are looking for a more supportive approach or specific services? Are you in the Calgary area? If so, get in touch with Efficient Property Assistants below.


My wife and I have been with EPA since May, 2023. They have been very good to us, always responsive and very friendly. And they even gave us a lovely Christmas gift this year as well!

Aaron L - Calgary, AB

About Efficient Property Assistants

We are people-first and value long-term relationships. 


Our focus extends beyond merely renting out units; we aim to offer complete support whether it is maintenance, tenant management (for landlords), or helping you find your new home (for tenants). The satisfaction of our landlords and our tenants are at the heart of our commitment.

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The Book:

Unlock the full potential
of your portfolio.

In a world where the stakes are high and the challenges are many, “Real Keys To Landlord Success: A Guide to Stress-Free Landlording” emerges as the ultimate guidebook for the aspiring or seasoned landlord.