Align your Goals to Real Estate

Using real estate as a tool towards your financial freedom.

What deeper aspirations do you have that extend beyond the obvious financial aspect?

Let’s uncover the profound goals you envision real estate fulfilling for you—because it’s about more than just money, isn’t it?

It starts with knowledge and community.

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Building a Successful Real Estate Business Strategy

1. Goal Setting

Building a list of your short and long terms goals that ladder up to your desired outcome

2. The Present

Completing an in-depth review of your current financial situation

3. The Plan

Blue printing the details: how many properties? Property type? Location? 

4. Mind the Gap

Preparing for challenges and difficulties that may or may not exist

5. The Deal

Finding the right properties, the right partners, completing due diligence, and understanding all aspects of the undertaking

6. The Biz of Real Estate

Understanding what you will handle personally, or outsource from property preparation, tenant placement to tenant endings

7. The Long Game

Reviewing timelines, checking in with partners and property managers. Ensuring ongoing connectedness to the plan

Most start at step five without spending the time to solidly connect to their foundational reason’s and goals to the process of investing in real estate. 

Why Real Estate is Considered High Risk! 

Without building a strategy for a solid foundation there can be many pitfalls a new or even seasoned investor can fall into:

Overestimating Income

Expectations do not meet the market

Underestimated Costs

Both monthly and capital requirements

Market Fluctuation

Riding the highs and low

Tenant / Management Issues

The good and the bad

Webinars & Courses

Your #1 Biggest Budgeting Mistake

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