Connecting your Finances to your dreams

Feeling really good about your finances can be your reality!

In Your Certain Finances we create budgets connected to what you really want!

When you plan your finances from a place of achievement of your life purpose….
Budgeting becomes a positive experience.

Our goal is for you to have FUN while planning your finances to ensure you are set up for success. 

Take the uncertainty out of your finances!

By applying what you love most to your financial structure…

Your dreams will become achievable goals

Managing your finances will feel positive

Your direction, timeline and success will be certain

The PLan

Planning for your future starts from the end. Picture yourself looking back at then end of your life…

What have you accomplished?

What are your most cherished memories?

What will you be most remembered for?

In Your Certain Financial Strategies the important, difficult conversations that you have been putting off from having become easy.

Our goal is for you to have FUN while planning your finances to ensure you are set up for success.


Through personal 1-and-1 financial consulting services, financial needs assessment, workshops and webinars, we deliver the following services:


Instilling Excitement Connected to What you Love



Bookkeeping Systems

Simple Solutions to Make It Easy to Succeed

Audit Ready Strategies

Fearless Preparation

Tax Planning & Filing

Understanding Which Strategies to use When and Why

Long Lasting Relationships

We work with our clients for life – no matter what stage you may be at from tax preparation to legacy planning we work with you every step of the way



Upcoming Webinars & Courses

#1 Budgeting Mistake


Join me for this FREE webinar and learn what’s the #1 Budgeting Mistake, you’ll never guess…. 

It’s NOT…..
Not having enough money
Not knowing what to do with your money
Lack of time, interest or ability
Not sure how to budget

What if you could have the secret to financial success in one brief 15 minute session?

What will you do with your renewed energy and savings ability?

How will it feel for you when money is no longer a negative conversation?

Take the time to join me in this webinar where I not only share the #1 Biggest Budgeting Mistake but steps on how you can make sure not to make it! Or at least not anymore!  Find out how you have been feeding into making budget’s a bad word!
FREE 15 minutes that will change how you think about budgets – FOREVER!

 Laura Atherton

“Having the most fun while talking about finances – changing the way we think about money”

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